Having a sofa bed is a great advantage, especially when it comes to making the most of space. That space on the bed that would normally be unused becomes extra storage space. It is also a very important element that forms part of the decoration of your bedroom, which is why there is a wide variety of designs, colours and fabrics that adapt perfectly to your style.

There are several ways to use the extra space provided by a folding storage base. First of all, let's see which objects are the most suitable to store in a storage box. The best idea is to store objects or clothes that you don't use on a daily basis, because although the storage bases are very simple and easy to open, you won't have those objects in sight and it will be much more comfortable to use the wardrobe.


What items should be stored on a sofa?

This involves selecting seasonal objects; Christmas decorations, costumes, blankets, cushions, duvets and duvet covers, clothes and shoes from other seasons, games... By storing these types of objects on the sofa you will free up space in the wardrobe.

It is important to fold all textiles well, even if it means extra effort, in order to optimise space as much as possible.

How to store it?

From the selection of objects that you have decided to store in the sofa, separate by what you will use or need more often and what you will use less often. The items you will need more in the long term and less frequently should be placed at the back, the area of the sofa that is most difficult to access. Leave what you need most in the most accessible area. For example, if the cold weather arrives and you are not going to use your beach towels until the following summer, it is ideal to store them at the back. However, if you have duvet covers and you are going to change them from time to time when you wash them, ideally you should keep them at the front.

Separate things into smaller boxes or baskets, especially if they are smaller items. For example, shoes from another season, it will be easier to keep them in order, look for them and access them if we put them together in a single space, so we don't mix them with the other things we have stored.

On the other hand, bed linen is best put together; duvet, cushions, sheets from another season, blankets and covers. Organise them in a logical order. A trick for storing sheets is to put a whole set in the pillowcase, so they don't get out of place.

If you cover the boxes and need help to differentiate between them, you can use labels, stickers or stickers to help you identify where each item is.

This way you will have everything tidy, it will be quick and easy to find what you are looking for, you will avoid it falling out of place as you pick things up, and you will have extra space in the wardrobe.

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